31 October 2009


Welcome to part two of Land of the Zia season finale.

My last major trip of the season took me again to Oklahoma. Having found a great cabin on Keystone Lake and searched for buffalo we had a great meal at McNellies Public House in Tulsa. I highly recommend the grilled and seasoned salmon!!

Saturday night was a lot of fun! My main reason for going to OK this time was to see the DriveBy Truckers LIVE at Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa.

Cains is noted for being the 'Home of Bob Wills' and if you don't know who Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys were you're missing out.

The opening act was James McMurtry, son of Larry McMurtry of Lonesome Dove, Hud and Brokeback Mountain fame.

He put on a smokin' show.

The main event; however, was the DriveBy's and they rocked the house.

The other main event of the trip was to attend the Oklahoma City Halloween Parade aka GHOULS GONE WILD!!

My buddy T-Rob reported on it last year for this blog but I wanted to see it first hand.

There were plenty of classic cars and bands playing live on rolling floats. Lots of costumes, food vendors, souvenir tents....

...and of course...ZOMBIES!!!

The main event being the march of 1000 Flaming Skeletons. This was VERY cool to see. The end of the parade had Flaming Lips front man Wayne Coyne in his infamous giant bubble.

The parade took place in downtown Oklahoma City.

We decided to walk a street over to the Oklahoma City Memorial where Timothy McVeigh blew up the federal building. For a full report see my link to the right from my last visit to OKC.

The chairs represent all the lives lost in that tragic event. The smaller chairs represent the children lost.

Never forget.

And so ends season four of Land of the Zia...can you believe it??

It has been a GREAT year and I'm very glad you could come along with me as I explore the great southwest.

Winter in northern New Mexico can be rather harsh but southern New Mexico can be nice. Although I don't have any major excursions planned...you never know when I might get the itch to just....drive....

Next up a recap of the year.

I'm out.


Travis said...

Thanks for allowing me to join in on some of your adventures and helping me to overcome my fear of heights...some great sights and sounds we've experienced...from Monument Valley to Garden of the Gods to Pigeon Point to the magical woods of Tallgrass Prairie. I'll never forget em! Thanks again buddy!

MICK said...

Glad to have had you along as the comic relief!! You can ride shot-gun anytime!! Here's to 2010!!! WoooHoooo!! Who else is comin'????

Dale said...

Looks like you guys had a hell of a year and lots of good times. I got to enjoy them through the blog and talking to Mick. Maybe next year I can join you two on an adventure or two.

Vic Mansfield said...

Oh, to have adventures! Thanks for letting me share, vicariously, anyway. Sounds like great fun.

Having traveled VERY little, I always think of OK as flat. Looks like some beautiful rolling hills and trees out there somewhere. Neat.

Thanks for sharing it. So, what's up for next year? Come to NC.

MICK said...

Joe, your trip to Hotlanta was an adventure of sorts. Hell I haven't even started the 'great' adventure you are on now with coming out, so you have one up on me.

I lived in CA for 20 years and can count on one hand the number of adventures I went on.

Before I know it I could be 81 like my dad and in poor health. I figure I might as well have an adventure or three before then.

It's better then giving it to the casino's.