20 October 2009


Hello everyone!!

A few weeks ago PBS had a mini-series on called The National Parks: America's Best Idea.

Naturally it put me in a mood to visit one again. So I did.


I was in a mood to re-visit the Grand Canyon.

Fall would be a perfect time with all the colors changing but best of all, it's only six hours away not to mention my aunt only lives two hours away.

This time I had two of my sisters, my younger brother and his roommate with me. We picked up my aunt and off we went.

First stop was that very cool place, Valle, Arizona, which is home to Bedrock City [the map called it Flintsone City, go figure.]

I reported on this place last spring when T-Rob and I visited it, none the less, here are some pics:

Wow...Hertz has really down-graded their vehicles....

...Easy Rider

My sister, Dolores.

...to be continued...

Next stop: The Grand Canyon.

I'm out.


Dale said...

That is so cool. Next trip out I hope to be able to go there. Looking forward to more stuff from your trip.
Welcome Home

Gilster said...

Make it stop pls