31 August 2009

Left Coast Adventure

And so begins my last major trip of the year [I'll be heading to Tulsa next month, more later...].

It got off to a rather frustrating start. Everyone had boarded the plane when the captain announced there was a hydraulic leak and the plane 'wasn't going anywhere'.


After waiting a bit they told me that I would not be going to Denver, which is where I was supposed to meet up with T-Rob and fly with him into Los Angeles.

Instead I would be flying to Las Vegas and then on into Los Angeles.

The flight was rather uneventful until we got into California and especially Los Angeles as you could see the smoke and haze of the large fires raging just north of town.

I remember those fires all too well from when I lived there. We use to say Los Angeles does have four seasons: Fire season, earthquake season, riot season and flood season.

My plane got in just under an hour before T-Robs so all was cool.

We would next head to Culver City to pick up my former roommate Andre. I'm actually in town this weekend for his birthday and it was I who suggested we drive up to San Francisco.

...but first...

If you have watched the Travel Channel this summer you have probably noticed they are re-running generic travel shows like crazy. One of them is called Top Ten Hot Dog Stands in America or something like that. In this show they mention Pinks on Melrose in Los Angeles.

Oh man I remember back in the day when we would get out from seeing a concert or a bar and head down to Pinks [24 hours] and wolf down a ten inch doggie at 2am.

I sure couldn't do that now...sigh.

After wasting some time there we wasted no time in heading up Interstate 5 to Frisco.... ok, San Francisco... just don't call it San Fran... the locals hate that.

They call it simply... the city.

I'm out.

30 August 2009


Wow, twice in a row the plane I was about to board broke down. They put us on a flight to Salt Lake City en route to Denver. The devastating fires from LA to Utah blocked out what is normally spectacular viewing.

I'm out.

All Good Things...

I'm at the airport about to leave for Denver then ABQ. T Rob and I are flying out on the same plane to Denver, then he is on to Tulsa. I will be headed to Tulsa in October for a concert and that will mark the end of travel for me in 2009. I will post some pics when I get back home.

I'm out.

28 August 2009

City By The Bay

Got a late start out of LA but now at our hotel in Union Square. Its after 12 am and I've been up since 5am and I'm bushed. Gonna call it a night.

27 August 2009


Starting off rather bumpy. My plane broke down and I was put on a flight to Las Vegas instead of Denver so I was not able to meet T Rob in Denver as planned. I got to LA an hour earlier than T Rob though. We will pick up the car and then my friend Andre then head up to San Francisco. 

I'm out.

25 August 2009

For K-MO

I'm not a bird watcher by any means but my friend K-Mo is, and having followed his blog and his birding adventures I keep an eye open more often when I see one or hear news of an unusual spotting.

Case in point: Conchas Lake in eastern New Mexico where a Blue Footed Boobey has been spotted.

The natural breeding habitat of the Blue Footed Boobey is tropical and sub-tropical islands off the Pacific Ocean, most famously the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador. They have also been spotted in the Gulf of California.

Go figure.

New Mexico is a nice state to visit, I invite the birds to stick around and relax... heck have a green chili cheeseburger while they are at it.

Check out the story here:


I'm out.

22 August 2009

Don't Call It 'San Fran'

This time every year I trek back to Los Angeles for my old roommates birthday celebration. Generally friends get together, we eat, go out to the bars etc, etc.

This year I've decided to haul him up to San Francisco.

In the almost 20 years that I lived in Los Angeles I never made it up north to the 'city by the bay'. I guess I was too busy...doing what I don't know.

Suffice it to say this will be my first foray up there. Joining Andre and I will be my travel co-hort T-Rob, also his first time in San Francisco.

We should have a good time, basically we'll be playing tourist and as always, I will keep you informed.

If you have any suggestions send 'em my way.

I'm out.

21 August 2009

17 August 2009

13 August 2009


"Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it."
-- Russell Baker

And so begins the waning days of summer. I've noticed that the nights from about 2 am on have started to cool down. The days are still warm mind you but this week the temps are not expected to go higher then 91.

Billboards are now advertising the New Mexico state fair [next month already!!!]

Networks are promoting their fall shows.

School zones are back in force.

Halloween candy has found its way to the shelves of Wal-Mart.

...and I'm making plans for my final major trip of the year which I will be taking in two weeks.

This should be a good one as two friends will be joining me on the adventure. Of course I will keep you posted

In September my friend Dale will be visiting from Maine so I have to brush up on my tour guide skills.

The next two weeks I will be busy with my dad and VA so I don't have any short trips planned.

Until then, keep checking back.

I'm out.

09 August 2009

The Last Escape of Billy the Kid ...NOT!!

On the first weekend of every August since 1940, the town of Lincoln, NM has held the Last Escape of Billy the Kid Pageant. This is your basic small town parade and festival. Lots of food vendors, souvenir booths, a parade and at the end of the day, a re-enactment of the escape of Billy the Kid from the Lincoln County Courthouse.

[Please note that I am not too bright. On the main camera I was using I had the lens set to micro which resulted in blurry images -- DOH!!! I AM A FOOL!!!]

The historic town of Lincoln is now one main street, with most people living in Capitan or Carrizozo and in houses and ranches in surrounding areas. Today it was packed.

This truly is your basic small town parade. No humongous floats, just decorated pick up trucks and classic cars and people from horses and tractors waving at you even though you have no idea who they are.

Everyone was very friendly.

I dig such things and enjoyed it very much.

If you are going to have horses in a parade then naturally you will need someone to clean up after them. These two also got the most applause, LOL.

One funny note, a car decorated with a sign reading DEMOCRATIC PARTY was in the parade and got one solitary clap.

For a detail of the actual events of Billy the Kid and a tour of the town of Lincoln, NM you can check out my previous posts here:


Here are a few random images from around town.

Of course one of my favorite parts of small town festivals is the food!!!!

The slow roasted brisket was DELICIOUS!!!!

As were the native american tacos.... mmmmm.

After watching the parade and visiting the museums and stuffing our faces we headed to the pageant grounds to see the re-enactment of the Last Escape of Billy the Kid

...but it was not to be -- not even 10 minutes after I took this footage and just minutes before the program was to begin.... it started to rain.

All day it had been nice, warm and cloudy but with in minutes dark clouds moved in and it poured.

Everyone scattered. We ran to the car and waited a few minutes but you could tell the rain was not ready to give up.

We decided to leave. What a pisser.

Oh well, the day had been fun up until that point. I will be back next year.

Until then, stay on your guard.... Billy the Kid remains on the loose and he is armed with some meeeeean brisket!!!

I'm out.

And here it is.... your moment of zen:

08 August 2009


Up early tomorrow, Sunday.

Time travelin' back to the late 1870s to what President Rutherford B Hayes called, "the most dangerous street in America".

Today it is the main street of Lincoln, NM, sight of the LIncoln County war and home to characters such as Patt Garrett, John Chisum and Billy the Kid.

My journey will take me to the exact moment of Billy the Kids escape from the LIncoln County Courthouse.

Intrigued? Stay tuned.

Now... what would you pack for a trip back in time???? Hmmm...

I'm out.

06 August 2009


John Hughes has died.

Why do I feel a part of me has too.

John Hughes 1959 - 2009

I'm out.

05 August 2009

03 August 2009

Time Travelin'

Stay with me friends, this weekend I'm headed back in time to the late 1870s.

Also, I'm taking my annual late August trip to.... well, stay tuned, won't you?

I'm out.


I ended my cell phone service with T-Mobile a few years ago because their prices kept going up and up and up and all these 'mystery service fees' made NO SENSE.

I decided to switch to Virgin Mobile pay-as-you-go because their rates were good and even the monthly plans they had were very reasonable.

Until recently when they were acquired by Sprint.


I happened to visit their website last month and discovered they were now charging five dollars less a month for the same plan I was paying $34.95 for. WTF!!

So I wrote them a letter.

One customer service rep named 'Rita' wrote me back and basically said that in the fine print it read that it was 'up to me' to be aware of price changes. Excuuuuuuuse me!

'Rita' also suggested that on my next renewal day that I change plans.

Fine, ok... so on 3 August I changed to the new plan at $29.95 a month.


What 'Rita' did not tell me in her letter was that when switching I would LOSE the text messaging and data plans I had JUST PURCHASED the week before!!!!! That's right, VM had just mugged me for $30!!!


Livid, I sent another letter which has not been answered yet.

Fine, ok... so I decide to TOP UP and purchase a new text and data plan. The text plan is $10 and the data plan is $10 so I sign up.

Honest to God, as soon as I sign up, my screen changes to INCLUDE the disclaimer that neither plan will take into effect until my NEXT renewal, meaning until then I will have to pay 15 cents per text and $1.50 a day to access the internet!!!! THAT IS OUTRAGEOUS!! I purchased the plans I should be able to use them IMMEDIATELY!! There was no indication initially that I would have to wait a month until AFTER I made the purchase!!!!

I would pull out my hair if it wasn't so short that I can't grasp it in my hands!!!

In my third letter to Virgin Mobile I told them that I TOO had a contract with them... one I kept available to the public in a locked cabinet in the basement. Oh...? They didn't know about it?? I'm sorry...it was up to YOU to inquire about it.

See, Virgin Mobile, with all the competition for cell phone service, both contract and pay-as-you-go I am SHOCKED you would treat longstanding and paying customers as you do.

I don't need you, YOU NEED ME!! Hello.

I am worried; however, if Virgin Mobile treats cell customers like this I can only wonder how they will treat Virgin Galactic customers.

You've been warned.

I'm out.

01 August 2009

I've been seeing Journey Gnomes around lately..... something is up.