29 October 2009

Damn you, Jack Frost!!!

"...Oh the weather outside is frightful......"

Autumn is only a month old and Jack Frost trying to muscle his way into MY favorite season!!! Arrrgh.

Yeah, we got snow today. Yes its cold!!! And yes, this is New Mexico in October!!

I'm ready for spring!!


Dale said...

So odd this year has been. It hit 58 here yesterday. I spent the day putting insulation in my attic, then went outside to clean up the yard. Tee-shirt weather. Oh well, think positive..spring is only a few months away.
Later Bud

Vic Mansfield said...

Yes, but the next line to the song is, "but the fire is so delightful." Time for some snuggling! (Now, if I only had someone to snuggle with . . . .)