28 June 2007

Home Again Home Again Jiggity Jigg


I'm in Winslow AZ ["...standin' on a corner in Winslow, Arizona, such a fine sight to see...yeah that one...and yeah I'm dating myself..hehe]. This is my hometown. I grew up here on and off as a kid. I'm not too familiar with it. Although we would visit alot growing up, I never went to school here or roamed the streets like my older brother and sister did. There is one movie theatre still in business. A Super-Duper Wal-Mart [need a saddle, tack???], lots of small mom and pops stores. There is even an art gallery. Lots of tourists come through here to take their picture with the 'guitar-cowboy' bronze statue on the corner. I'll post more as I have time...might be a few days though so here is a taste.

25 June 2007

McCain Country

I am headed to the great state of Arizona for a few days of well deserved R and R. Catch ya on the backside.

21 June 2007


I'd like to take a moment to wish my very good friend Dale the happiest of birthdays!! I've known you for ...uh...how long now Dale?? Gosh...I want to say since Coolidge was in office..only we were not around then.... guess our 'spirits' knew each other then...sure seems like it. I want you to know I appreciate your friendship buddy and hope you had a good one... !!

10 June 2007

m e t r o p o l i s

Generally southwestern/adobe architecture is very warm and natural so I was suprised to find this monstrosity while I was driving around town. It is a huge stucco building with the southwestern feel yet is massive and imposing...oddly, I liked it.

A prison? No, the mechanical engineering building on the University of New Mexico campus. Funny though..on the other side of campus is the new Architecure building and it is all shiney glass and steel. Two totally different mind sets.


I've mentioned previously that thanks to the Sandia/Manzano Mtn Range east of the city we are spared tornado's...for the most part. Yesterday we had a doozy at the north end of town [I live at the south end]...take a look....

06 June 2007

Buena vistas

Some of you know that my dads health [my reason for moving here] has declined dramatically in the past month, so between work, handling his home business and worrying about him falling and injuring himself, I have not had any personal time. I just thought I would re-post two of my favorite pics from here in the southwest.