02 December 2010

...winter arrives

Autumn has turned into winter.

Even though this is a mild winter I hate to see the colors abandon the landscapes before me.

The smell of fresh cut grass: gone.

Somehow, sweet tea doesn't taste as sweet as it does on a warm summer day.

Two days before Thanksgiving I opened the door to get the daily paper [yes, I still read the paper!] -- 75 percent of the leaves had fell from the trees. The mass exodus of Autumn had begun.

Two days later it snowed. Four out of five years that I have been here our first snow has been on Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving was nice. Dad celebrated his 82nd one with us, how cool is that!

Mom was missed -- 20 years since she has passed.

I don't really have a set time when I put up the Christmas Tree...whenever the spirit moves me, usually around 1 December though. Just a small one for me and dad.

I'll be leaving for Okie City soon for New Years, excited about that.

A new year.
A new trip around the sun.
Pack your bags.

I'm out.