04 October 2009


4 October 2009 - 0300 hrs

Did I mention how I'm questioning why I let my adventures start so early? It's my day off and I should be under the covers, warm and asleep. I must be nuts. Did I mention its about 46 degrees outside? A very COLD 46 I might add.

Both reports will be worth it though. Stay tuned.


Dale said...

Mick...Cmon Man..your killing us. Been waiting and checking back every couple hours. I am going to start singing Carly Simons Anticipation pretty soon and it's going to be your fault when all the neighborhood dogs start howling.

MICK said...

Sorry man, the video I upload is 'high definition' and it takes very loooooooong sometimes.

It will be a few days before I post the next blog as well...sorry.