27 January 2010


Why would you call yourself 'Boston Market' and not offer lobster tail, crab legs, crab cakes let alone clam chowda?!?!?

I'm just askin'.

Also, this...

Last October I found myself at the Houston airport, and a bit hungry.

I perused the food court area and came across a barbeque eatery and thought I would partake in some brisket. Mmmm....brisket -- and Texas brisket at that! Can't go too wrong.

There was this, uhm, rather 'portly' Texan in front of me and he too had a hunkerin' for some brisket. As the young gal behind the counter was carving out his side-o-beef, he tells her, 'Don't forget the fat now.'

She then shaves off some thick slices-o-fat.

I was speechless.

That was gross.

Don't get me wrong, I know very well that 'fat' is where the 'flava' is at. But to just 'eat' it???? What???!!!


Now it's my turn. I order the brisket. Young gal says, 'How much fat ya want, hon."

"Uh... none."


"Just the brisket, thanks."

She gives me the 'You must be Obama Bin Laden' look.

"That's where all the flava is at, hon."

"I'll be ok, thanks."

I'm positive she pushed some button alerting the Texas Rangers that I had turned down 'fat' and probably ate green vegetables on a regular basis.

I could swear the eyes of everyone in the airport followed me to my table.

In all fairness... we here in New Mexico have our share of unusual delicacies too.

Like 'chicharone' burritos and 'menudo'.

Chicharones [chi-cha-rone] are basically bits of pork [usually] attached to 'fat', fried, salted and put in a tortilla....especially good with a dab of green chili...mmmm.

Menudo is a spicy soup made with lime, chopped onions, cilantro, oregano, crushed chili peppers and stomach tripe [yeah...stomach lining, generally from a cow].

Tripe reminds me of calamari but MORE GROSS!!!

I could NEVER eat this stuff. My dad and grandmother LOVED it.

It STINKS when it's cooked [it can contain some of the stomachs last content!!!!] and is considered by some to be a great 'hangover' food since the spicier it is the more you 'sweat out the toxins'.


I prefer a similar dish called pozole [see previous Christmas post].

I am a basic meat and potato guy; however, I do love Indian food.

I'm sure some of you reading this back east and south have your own unusual dishes....let me know about em.

I'm out.

25 January 2010


How are you celebrating National Nuclear Science Week??

The National Museum of Nuclear Science and History here in Albuquerque is the hub for national activities aimed at improving public understanding of nuclear issues.

The museum's website can be found here: http://www.nuclearmuseum.org

It was through the museum that I attended the open house at the Trinity Site last October. The next trip to Trinity is scheduled for the first Saturday in April.

My report on the museum can be found here:


I'm out.

21 January 2010

sick days

doc says I will live.  What a pisser...guess I go into work tomorrow.

20 January 2010

The Heat...err Fever is On.

UGH.....I Am flat on my back with my annual winter  cold. I want my mom....wahhhhh....

19 January 2010

Santa Fe Steeze!!

Hey gang, I'd like to share a new blog from a new reader.

Everyone say hello Teezy out of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

He has a cool blog on living in The City Different, you can view it here:


or the link now listed at right.

Welcome Teezy!!

17 January 2010

Ah, yes, it's been awhile since my last post.

The new year is getting off ok... still feels like 2009 though.

As of today, 64 days before spring, can't wait.

Land of the Zia Season 5 begins in late February. I'm working on some exciting adventures for this season

In case you haven't heard, texting the word 'haiti' to 90999 on your cell phone will add $10 to your next bill which will go to the Red Cross in support of aid to the victims of the Haitian earthquake.

New Mexico is quickly becoming little Hollywood. This week several movies opened or opened wide that were filmed here in New Mexico, including Crazy Heart with Jeff Bridges, Have You Heard About the Morgans, The Spy Next Door with Jackie Chan and The Book of Eli with Denzel Washington. All these films are different yet will show you how vast, varied and beautiful the state of New Mexico is.

Join me this season as I trek across the state and beyond for a front row seat.

I'm out.

06 January 2010


...of course ya'know, 98 IS the new 78!!

Lookin' better than ever!!

03 January 2010


Congrats are in order for the team that built and designed New Mexico's float 'Enchantment is in the Air', for this years Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena, CA.

For the third time in a row the team have won a major prize:

Grand Marshal Award in Creative Excellence, Concept and Design. WOOHOOOOOO!!

I'm out.