29 March 2009


Day one: Albuquerque.

My buddy Travis got into town and we checked into the Number One motel in the city, the 70s chic Monterey Non-Smokers Motel on Route 66.

The Monterrey is ranked number one* on TripAdvisor.com, even over the ritzy Embassy Suites. Money for value this place is not bad at all.

With my AAA membership card it is only $58 a night. The place does have a 1970s feel but it is very clean, comfortable and convenient PLUS free wi-fi!! The owner Henry is from Poland, thus the 'European Hospitality' sign out in front.

After checking in we went to the Old Town section of the city and had dinner at the Hacienda. It was ok... not bad but just ok.

Afterwards we drove up to the crest... Sandia Peak from the east side. Beautiful drive. We made it there at sunset.

Tomorrow we head north to Santa Fe and the Santa Fe Brewing Company to see new folk/pop singer Brett Dennen.

Of course, I'll keep you posted as much as possible and when the hotel we are in has wi-fi.

I'm out.


Yes, I know its been awhile since I've posted but trust me it will be worth the wait.

Today is 29 March 2009 and so begins one of my greatest adventures to date. My buddy T-Rob from the OKC is joining me again this year [he was along for Walkabout 08: Colorado (see links at right).

Where are we headed?? Well you'll have to wait and see.

The journey will start out here in Albuquerque. Our special musical guest this year is Brett Dennen. Tomorrow night we head up to Santa Fe to see him in concert. It was six months ago yesterday we were in Denver watching My Morning Jacket at Red Rocks, what a great show.

The Santa Fe Brewing Company is one of my favorite venues! Unfortunately I think it will be quite chilly as Santa Fe received several inches of snow just two days ago!!! Brrrrr.

Well I better finish packing. Below you will see our adventure vehicle which I have christened Magellan 2!!

Let the journey begin!!!

I'm out.

21 March 2009


March is always a 'hell' month at work so I've been pretty busy.

However; it also signals the beginning of VACATION!!!

Next week I'm taking 'pops' to see his father and brothers and when I get back I'm packing for MY vacation WOO HOOOO!!

April will be a busy travel month for me so stay tuned! Details to follow!

Until then....enjoy one of my favorite musical selections won't you...

I'm out.

02 March 2009


750 feet below the surface of the earth!

This is the snack bar area. I remember when I was a youth coming the the caverns and it use to be a cafeteria. Now there is a restaurant up on the surface. The food is good and reasonable.

What surprised me about the caverns is that it only cost $6 to get in!!! I would easily have paid $20 and not thought twice about it.

Trying to take videos doown there is frustrating as the light levels are VERY low. The first two are very dark in the beginning but they show you how far from the opening you go.... and that is just for starters!!

The last one is of the opening. Very impressive... kinda creepy as you walk into this gaping hole in the Earth.

And since we could not be there for the bat flight [they only nest there during summer] I have posted this cool video of it I found online.

I'm out.


Having taken I-25 south to 380 east through Smokey Bear country, passed Lincoln, NM onto Roswell, NM I took 285 south to Carlsbad, NM. From there I continued on 62 south to Whites City and one of the great wonders of the Northern Hemisphere: Carlsbad Caverns!!

Pictures can only say so much. The experience of being there is overwhelming. I've been to Innerspace in Texas and this just can't compare in size, scope or beauty.

You have the option of taking an elevator directly down to the rest area or walking about a 2 mile journey to the same area. Once there you can walk additional mile of even grandeur sites. Since we were short for time I was not able to walk that extra mile to the 'bottomless pit'.

Above is where visitors watch the Bat Flight in the summer. Hundreds of thousands of bats fly out at dusk in search of food. No cameras or video are allowed during this event.

The journey begins.

Hold on as the way can be slippery.

[click on any picture to view full size]

Once you get to the bottom [well this is the bottom so far] there is a rest area where you can get drinks and snacks. You can continue on an extra mile to see more.

Next time.

Once here you take the elevator back up to the beautiful visitors center. There is a cool gift shop [naturally] and a restaurant [I had the carne adovada -- pretty good too].

The journey back to Albuquerque is rather uneventful. It's all flat like west Texas so all you're gonna see are cow, sheep and roadkill, in this case lots of dead skunks!! Whew!!

My brother and I took 285 all the way north to I-40 and then west to Albuquerque. Roughly a four hour drive.

If you ever find yourself in the area it is a MUST see.

I'm out.



Quite possibly my grandest adventure of the year!!