18 November 2010


Yes friends, it has been awhile.

September/October always seem to be my busiest months.

Nothing exciting to report, just busy with life as many of you are.

Winter is trying to settle in here; however, looks like fall just doesn't want to budge. The mornings are in the 20s but the days warm up to the upper 50s -- just how I like my winters. Apparently it is a weather pattern known as 'La Nina'.

Although I usually don't travel in winter, this New Years I wanted to go somewhere to celebrate it...and so I am.

Oh, no where 'grand' by any means, I will be seeing The Flaming Lips in Oklahoma City New Years Eve...very cool.

Tulsa and Oklahoma City are becoming favorite destinations of mine. How can you not love the salmon at the White River Fish Market ... sooo good. And of course a banana split at Braums... mmmm.

A couple of observations:

New Mexico being a swing state and all, going Democratic one election and Republican the next, we recently elected both a Republican Mayor and the first Hispanic Latina Governor.

Governor Susanna Martinez is a Republican dream! She's a smart cookie -- former District Attorney and fluent in both English and Spanish! Oh how the Republicans have chased after that elusive Spanish vote...or is it Latino vote....or Chicano vote or...they'll figure it out!

Governor Martinez and Senator Marco Rubio out of Florida will make quite a team in 2012 pitching for the Republicans.

I can see the Republicans salivating now....next thing you know John Boehner will say he loooovvves tacos! Ole' !!

Congratulations are in order for the Navajo Code Talkers of WW2!!

NM Route 264 has been named the Code Talkers Highway in honor of the Navajo marines who created the complex code never broken by the Japanese during WW2.

"Were it not for the Navajos, the Marines would never have taken Iwo Jima." said Major Howard Connor at Iwo Jima during WW2.

The code talkers received NO recognition until August 14, 1982 when President Ronald Regan declared the day National Navajo Code Talkers Day -- well after many of them had passed on.

In July of 2001, President George W Bush personally presented the Congressional Gold Medal to four surviving code talkers.

Check out the official code talkers website: