21 October 2009


I'm busy at work preparing the next post. Uploading can be a, well you know.

Anyhow, just thought I would take this time to mention, Sandia Peak got a FOOT of snow today. A cold front moved in from the north and gave us a winter mix through out the day. Dropping down to a cool 38 tonight...brrrrr. That is wild for October. The last two years our first snow was on Turkey Day.

Oh autumn, where art thou.

As I write the next post, I'm gearing up for the final post of the season. I will be out of town this coming weekend and will return next week with an exciting post.... a post that includes...THE LIVING DEAD!!!

Stay tuned.

I'm out.

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Dale said...

We haven't even gotten any snow yet here in Maine. The weather channel said it was going to about a week ago but it just rained instead. In fact it has been in the 50's and 60's here..very odd indeed. Did you get the snow in town or just on Sandia Peak?