27 March 2011


WALKABOUT IV is around the corner, as such, T-Rob and I are getting ready for our annual expedition. This year we are in search of the legacy of conservationist John Muir, co-founder of the Sierra Club, and the disappearance of the Hetch Hetchy Valley in California.

One of the very cool web sites I've come across in preparation for the expedition is called Maxpedition.com

It is chock full of cool back packs and such, like this versapack I picked up for day hikes.

I also picked up this multi-purpose bag. Unfortunately my 17 inch lap top is a bit too big to fit in the side pockets; however, the quality over all is fantastic!

If you are a hiker or back packer I definitely recommend them!


Untitled Post No. 556

Ok, so I'm sitting at the computer one evening when all of a sudden my screen goes whacky!


I had let my virus protection lapse and left myself wide open to infestation!!

We learn the hard way... well I do anyway.

It had been about five years since my last computer so I decided to head out and get a new laptop. What sucks is that the photo editing software on my computer was from 1998!!!

I LOVED that software!! Simple, easy to use... that is why I would just install it in new computers I would buy over the years.

Unfortunately Adobe hasn't supported it in ages and when I tried to re-install it on the new computer [Windows 7] it kept crashing and giving me errors, suffice it to say i can no longer use it.

I've purchased some new programs but damn.... they are soooo advanced and confusing I just keep bashing my head against the wall!!! ARRRRGGH!!!

Does anyone out there know of easy to use photo editing software?? I need to be able to choose a wide variety of fonts, cut and paste separate images on the same screen and need special effects filters.

I tried two Corel programs.... one was too confusing the other was crap. I tried LogoDesigner and that looked promising but I am having problems importing images and when I went to their website other people are describing the same problem but the designer isn't offering anything that has helped as yet.

I tried a new [and pricey] Adobe software photo/video package....dayuum, talk about confusing not to mention frustrating!!!

Until then, I will have to have a bland logo... so please send any suggestions.

I'm out.

21 March 2011

Man's Best Fried Stricken by Mystery Disease.

A mysterious disease has stricken dogs in Durango, Colorado.

Tissue samples have been sent to the University of New Mexico for investigation.

19 March 2011

The Man Who Climbed Everest

Taos, NM Ski Patroller, Dave Hahn, leaves next week on a quest to summit Mt. Everest for a record 13th time -- more than any other non-Sherpa climber!

New Mexican eyes 13th Everest summit: krqe.com


The Code Talkers

The second to last Navajo Codetalker has died.

Lloyd Oliver, 88, passed away this weekend.


The last remaining Navajo Code Talker is Chester Nez, 89 who lives here in Albuquerque.


12 March 2011


Birthday greetings are in order for my friend and adventure buddy, Travis [T-Rob]!! Happy birthday, kid!!

Looking forward to Walkabout IV, buddy!!

08 March 2011


It broke my heart to find out the Santa Fe Brewing Company Pub & Grill on NM 14 just south of Santa Fe has CLOSED!!

This was one of my favorite places to hang out, have a beer and see a live band (second only to the Troubadore in West Hollywood, CA)

I had been checking the Brew Co's website and had wondered why no bands were scheduled beyond February, or why I had not seen any shows listed on Pollstar.

Tonight I Googled it and came up with an older article from the Albuquerque Journal about it having financial problems and back rent.

They report it closed in December. Woe is me.

After a bitter cold winter I was SO looking forward to making it up the Turquoise Trail [back road to Santa Fe] and sitting on the patio having a beer and seeing a band. This really breaks my heart. The place, the crowd.... it was just one of the coolest, least pretentious places I have ever hung out at.

In memory, here are some video memories from shows I've been to there in the past.

Excuse me while I have a moment to myself and wallow....

^ Brett Dennen and Angus & Julia Stone ^

^ Yonder Mountain String Band ^

^ Drive By Truckers ^

I'm gonna miss you Santa Fe Brewing Co.


Albuquerque Journal article on the closing of the SFBrew Co: