16 February 2012

City of Rocks

The last few months I have not really traveled in this great state which meant very few blog posts. Also, blogger has updated their software and I didn't like it very much. Unfortunately it takes me longer now with the old software to upload my photos. I also am not able to do some other things and it frustrated me to a point that I just didn't feel like blogging. Sorry about that. I've noticed similar situations on several friends blogs.

I have resisted 'facebook' and 'tumbler' among others and really only tweet now and then [most of my friends are not on twitter to begin with] so the immediacy of that tool only comes into play when I am actually on journeys, friends can follow along in real time online.

That being said, there are still plenty of journeys to be had.

There are many areas of New Mexico I have yet to explore, like eastern and southern New Mexico. Next week my Okie buddy, T-Rob, will be visiting and we are heading up north. I have my fingers crossed that the weather holds out. I am SOOOO not a winter driving person.

On my most recent trip, I headed south to Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge. It is this huge marsh in the middle of the Jornado del Muerto [near the Trinity Site, where the first Atomic Bomb was detonated - see post at right]. It was amazing to see thousands of birds who migrate here for the winter from up north. The best time to be here is early morning and early evening when the thousands of birds become tens of thousands. The take flight in the morning to look for food and then early evening, come back to rest.

Of course I was there mid-day. I also did not wander too far off by myself as mountain lions frequent the area looking for food.

I drove further south to Silver City, NM and the City of Rocks [not to be confused with City of Rocks, Idaho].

City of Rocks, NM is a volcanic rock formation created almost 35 million years ago now eroded to what you see below. If you are headed to the Gila Wilderness to see the cliff dwellings, I do recommend checking this out. It is only about 30 minutes outside of Silver City, NM near Deming on NM61. Its a cool quarter day hike and not very strenuous.

The vistas are AMAZING. You can see for miles and miles.

14 February 2012

The Royal Road

A few weekends back I decided to trek the Royal Road, or as we call it in New Mexico the Camino Real de Tierra Adentro.

The Camino Real was the 1,600 mile trade route/road from Mexico City to Santa Fe, NM that the Conquistadors traveled on, originally used by native tribes.

Unfortunately, the visitor center is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays...didn't occur to me to check the website...just 'assumed' it would be open on a Monday. D'oh!!!

What I was able to see was the Camino Real Monument sculpture just east of the Fort Craig rest area along Interstate 25, south of Albuquerque. It stands alone as a sentinel in the desert on the way to the visitors center.

Along the Camino Real you will also come across the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge. A marsh in the middle of the New Mexico desert, go figure. This place was really cool. I bet it looks awesome in the fall. I came across the 'mountain lion' sign and decided not to go off on my own.

Further south between Deming New Mexico and Silver City, NM is a town called Bayard, NM, home to Fort Bayard and the Buffalo Soldiers. This place was soooo cool and is in danger of becoming forgotten unless money can be raised by volunteers to preserve it. Many of the forts buildings are standing but are showing wear and tear.

I'm out.