16 October 2009

got adventure?

Packin' the bags, heading out tomorrow for a short road trip west.

I'm not taking my computer with me so you will have to wait until, oh Tuesday for a full report.

Have a good weekend all and check back soon.

I'm out.


Anonymous said...

Hey man, you have a good time. I'll check back on Tuesday for an update. That cd is good..a little mellower than I expected but that's not a bad thing.

Vic Mansfield said...

I'm looking forward to a complete account! Oh, to be able to travel!

MICK said...

Which CD, Dale?

MICK said...

Me too, Joe.

I would LOVE to go to Ireland or take a boat cruise down the Rhine; however, due to other commitments it would be very difficult for me to do.

My travels pretty much consist of my own state and surrounding states all done with planning.

Most of the places I have visited are within a few hours drive of north central New Mexico: Chaco
Culture - 3hrs, Monument Valley - 6hrs, Trinity - 2hrs - Denver - 7 hrs, etc etc. With a little bit of planning, like TripAdvisor for good but low cost hotels, I'm able to have a great time exploring my area.

Even if I fly I look for good deals on Southwest Airlines. Denver and Dallas - $59 each way, Phoenix $49 each way. Even LA and San Francisco are relatively low cost when Southwest has a deal.

I don't have to spend $5000 a trip or stay in fancy schmancy hotel [Wig Wam Motel - "Sleep in a TeePee!!] - Holbrook, AZ - only $58 a night!!] Not to mention that admission to most National Parks are very reasonable [Grand Canyon $25 per car load or $12 per individual, Carlsbad I think was $7.

Heck I even got Dale into exploring his own state!! It can be done and at a very reasonable coast. I'm not sure of your situation, just thought I'd share some ideas.

Anonymous said...

The new Drive By Truckers. The tracks I listened to on YouTube were a little more rocking. Mellow is good though. I find my musical tastes are changing, I think due to my life circumstances changing. I used to listen to alot of folk, R+B, mellower stuff. As things got more hectic my tastes demanded louder and more agressive. Up until sept my car cd changer was all Godsmack..now its back to Kenny Chesney, DBT, Nickelback, Transformers soundtrack, and 2 Chris Rea.
Later Buddy