12 May 2009

DAY 8 - MILE 2421 - HOME.

Adventure - the final frontier. These were the voyages of the adventure vehicle, Magellan 2!

It's eight day mission: to explore strange new worlds;

to seek out new vistas and experiences;

to boldly go where only the adventurous have gone before:


And so one of the greatest adventures of my life comes to an end.

Man, what an experience. To see God's handiwork was a humbling experience.

I thank Him for the opportunity and for keeping a watchful eye on T-Rob, Journey Gnome and I.

The road well traveled.

But now I am home and relaxing. I can always relive the adventure through this blog along with you.

A special thanks to Journey Gnome for all the wonderful suggestions and always pointing us in the right direction. You go dawg!!

Thanks to T-Rob for joining me again on this trip. A good friend and a cool travel partner. Thanks for keeping me awake in between the long hauls. You can ride shotgun anytime dude!

And thanks to everyone who reads my blog and comments, it is appreciated VERY much.

If it's ok with ya'll I'm gonna drift off into sleep and dream about the road....who knows where it will take me next....


G said...

Mick, My hubby and I took a drive to Vancouver 18yrs ago. It took two weeks. One week there one week back. We packed our little Honda full of camping equipment, barely room to sit, and had the best time of our lives. When we got home our neighbor said,"are you guys still speaking after being in a car for two weeks?" We laughed, we were more in love than ever before, and still are after 23yrs. Mike and Glenn, studio city ca

MICK said...

RIGHT ON Mike. It's always good to hear great stories like that. I wish you both the best man!!

G said...

Mick, did you get my Email? "GODZILLA" Mike, studio city, ca

MICK said...

Mike, you and Glenn need to take another road trip!!! Let's go, I'm packed!!! WooHoo!!!

Anonymous said...

I want to thank you for taking us along on such a wonderful journey! It certainly is breathtaking.........


MICK said...

You're not kidding Wendy, it was VERY breathtaking...especially trying to walk back up the Grand Canyon...LOLOLOL

Anonymous said...

LOLOL yea I bet! step...breathe....step....breathe