24 May 2009


Oklahoma City.

Beautiful town.

Green. Rolling hills. Hefner Lake. So far away from the my local terrain.

But I digress.

On this day we visited the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. It's a beautiful museum paying tribute to an American icon - the cowboy - both real and in the cinema.


The simple entrance to a feed and seed?

No, behind this door is lies another world, another time.

Take a visit to a western town at dusk.

Did you notice the ghosts in the previous picture? Take a closer look:

This whole town exists in good detail to give you a feel of what it is like on a quiet evening in the old west. Pretty cool.

If you find yourself in Oklahoma City I definitely recommend stopping by for a visit.

I'm out.


A very special edition of Land of the Zia.


Anonymous said...

Mick, great piece on the Cowboy Museum. A trip to Oklahoma may be in order....

Nice Memorial Day photo, too.

I've enjoyed reading your blog, and looking at your excellent photographs. Thank you for the reciprocal link to Santa Fe News Blog!

Wishing you the very best in all your endeavors,



Santa Fe News Blog

Anonymous said...


That is a remarkable ghost picture, Mick! Fantastic. The best I've seen; sure beats my Santa Fe orbs....


MICK said...

Hey thanks MJ for the kind words! Santa Fe is only 57 minutes away from the Duke City yet it's hard to find news as to what is going on in your town so I am glad I came across your blog!! Thanks.

As for the 'orbs' I've heard about them, in fact my brother swears he saw his girfriends dog jumping up at one.

Not sure about the ghosts in my pictures. I did not see them at the time I took the photo. I do recall the cowboy, he was leading a tour at the time. Eerie.

Thanks again for taking time to comment.

M-J said...

Mick, paranormal things we cannot see with the naked eye often show up in photos. I like to think that, anyway, because I have taken many photos with otherwise inexplicable orbs in them. And in the process known as E.V.P.--electronic voice phenomena--"talking" and other sounds from "the Other Side" that we don't hear with just our ears are perceived electronically and caught on tape. Eerie echoes to you!