14 May 2009


"Hang the blessed DJ, because the music that they constantly play...it says nothing to me about my life...HANG THE BLESSED DJ..."
-- Marr/Morrissey

Shortly after returning from the eight day road trip tragedy struck:

I turned 46.

Ok it was not that tragic, just sobering.

To celebrate, my brother, his friend Chad and myself went out on the town to see one of my favorite musical artists: Morrissey.

If you are unfamiliar with him: he rose to fame as the lead singer/songwriter for the Manchester, England band THE SMITHS.

Morrissey and guitar player Johnny Marr etched a path in music history that to this day still stands alone. You can't really trace their sound to one era [at the time metal,pirate radio,long wild hair and zebra print pants were the norm].

After THE SMITHS broke up in 1987. Marr went on to play with several bands like The Pretenders. Today he is with Modest Mouse.

Morrissey on the other hand has had a very successful solo career although still singing about teen angst at 50 is kind of odd.

None the less it was a GREAT show even if he didn't seem thrilled to be here.... man I know I've felt that way about this town.

Anyway...I present to you some snippets of the show.

I'm out.

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