17 May 2009


Generally I try and get out of town for my birthday. The day after the concert, I did just that.

I decided to visit T-Rob on his home turf. It was my turn to be chauffeured around.

My first stop was Tulsa. I had no idea it was so green. I thought it would be flat but it had green rolling hills. Here is a peak.

Cain's Ballroom is a classic venue where the likes of Bob Wills use to play. Recently the band WILCO filmed part of their new DVD there.

Below I am standing at a place called The Center of the Universe in Tulsa.

If you stand at the center of the circle you can here sound around you echo. I've read it's due to the buildings and highway built around the area. All the sound is deflected to that one area. It's a weird effect.

Oral Roberts University.

Keystone Lake. Beautiful place.

That night we had a great dinner at an Irish Pub called McNellies [www.mcnellies.com] where I had the best grilled salmon ever.

Damn, now I'm hungry.

That night we stayed at the Tulsa Select hotel. Let me just say...SELECT ANOTHER HOTEL. This one is not so good. Mold in the bathroom....dryer burns on the linens and cobwebs in the corner ceiling.

...note to self, next time I pick the hotel!! LOL.

I'm out.

UP NEXT: A visit with Pawnee Bill.

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