10 May 2009


And so begins the final adventure of Walkabout '09.

A few weeks before the road trip began I had made a trip south to Carlsbad Caverns. Having seen my pictures from that trip, T-Rob had said he would like to go.

The drive from Albuquerque is a relatively easy one, about five hours. There isn't a whole lot to see though between Clines Corners and Whites City. You might as well be in west Texas.

If you happen to be in southern New Mexico I definately recommend making the stop. I've seen big caves before but these are B I G.


And so ends what has definately been one of the greatest adventures in my life.

My next post will conclude and recap the journey. I hope you will all stop by.

I'm out.


G said...

OH SNAP!!! You have got to be messin' with my head with that smack bar. Mike, s.c. ca.

MICK said...

No sir...no digital trickery this time that's the real thing.

Yannie said...

750 ft. below the earth's surface??? Awesome!!!! I like to visit that place.

G said...

Weii You could have fooled me with that one. Mike s.c. ca