21 May 2009


Any chance I get to explore Route 66 icons, I GO!!

I was pretty excited when T-Rob said Arcadia, OK was one of our stops on our way to Oklahoma City. There are two icons of Route 66 here, one old from 1898 and one new from 2007.

The old is the Big Round Barn, established in 1898 and remodeled since, it is a cool piece of Americana. It is basically a tourist attraction now with a gift shop in the lower half and a loft used for different functions and dances.

Butch, the barns current host and historian will tell you that square dancing is the one dance not allowed -- because the barn is - r o u n d.


The gift shop is full of both kitsch and folk art, some of which is created by Butch himself.

Stop in and say hello to Butch.

I'm out.




t-rob said...

did you forget something?

Unknown said...

Do you mean the 'new attraction' on Route 66? That's for the next post kid... man you are impatient. LOL

G said...

Just want you to know I am following your post but will save comments for later when you return. Very enjoyable, Mike, s.c. ca