30 October 2007


Hey everybody!!
This is my final post of Land of the Zia: Season 1.
It's been a great year and I've had fun keeping in touch with my friends in this way and I've even made some new ones so thanks to all of you who wrote me in regards to my blog.

This was the first image I posted on my blog. If you know your TV history then you know this is the first image ever broadcast on television, or so I believe.

Originally I started my blog in December of 2005 but never posted anything until October 2006. It was a friend of mine that urged me to start it. Thanks mutt.

One of my first ventures out: National Atomic Museum.
Is that a missle in your pocket or are you just hap... never mind.

On the road to Arizona at and Indian trading post near the Az/Nm border.

This was at Tinkertown on the east side of the Sandia Mtns. It is the first link in my blog and a VERY cool place. I recommend a visit. The detailed diorama was made by hand. Amazing.

How could I forget the storm of the century and the winter of 2006. Record breaking snow, three and four feet in some places. I like it but I sure hated driving in it. And it's soooo damned cold here....brrrrrrr.

One of my most read blogs is the one entitled The Milagro Beanfield War and Other Tales of Northern New Mexico. I have to guess the book is assigned reading in many schools cause Google sure does send alot of people to that post. Hint: At least read the last chapter of the book!!! My favorite book is Grapes of Wrath and I remember the teacher catching alot of people who just watched the movie and had no clue as to how it ends. If you don't know you really should read more....hehehe.

Here I am adding my own petroglyph.....I kid I kiiiiidddd!!!

Never know what you will see in New Mexico.

Ever stand at the caldera of a volcano?? I did.

The 'tower' on the way to the Berringer Meteor Crater

The coolest place I visited this year was the Sky City of Acoma in western New Mexico.

I'd like to thank my special guests stars this season for taking time to visit: Jon, Oscar and Rudy. Thanks guys!! A special shout out to Oscar who is back in Iraq fighting 'George's War'. Oh wait a sec...they paid you HOW MUCH??!!

And so it goes. I look forward to Land of the Zia: Season Two as I hope you do. Take care and have a Happy Halloween everybody. Oh yeah... How come Dracula can never get laid??? Anybody???? Bueller???

Because he has a 'hallow weenie'. Ouch.

I'm out.
...bee porn??? you decide.

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Not bee porn. They are making honey