11 October 2007


Well, I made it!! Sorta..... I woke up at three am so I could catch the 4:30 am 'park and ride' bus; however, I rolled over and 'rested' until 5...gulp... I grabbed some clothes, the camera and off I went...

It was pitch dark on the way to the balloon field but by the time we got there the sun was just cracking over the Sandia Mountains.

The Dawn Patrol had just lifted off. These balloons test the weather conditions and give the approval for the mass ascension to proceed. Not much else to do except tour the main street and endulge on breakfast burritos, turkey legs and buy souveneirs until the balloons begin to inflate.

...and inflate they do!!!

Tommorrow....The Main Event: LIFT OFF!! Stay tuned!!

I'm out!!

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