12 October 2007


The really cool thing about this event is that you can actually get right up to the balloons and the balloonists. Most spectator sports you are in bleachers and a good distance from the event. Here it is in your face. Granted you must respect the balloons. When a balloon handler tells you to move back YOU MOVE BACK!! And for gawd's sake don't step on their balloons while they are waiting to be inflated.

The experience of seeing these balloons up close is too great an experience for me to put in words. The colors, the sounds of the hot air rushing into the balloons all at once [it sounds like a whale spouting water] the ooohs and awwwes turning adults into children again. It was magnificant.

I see that smile on your face. You should have been there too!

Next up: The adventure continues with flying witches and even Darth Vadar makes a special appearance!!! Coooool!

I'm out.

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Anonymous said...

Awwwww its wonderful!! thank you so much for sharing!! makes me miss it so much more... sigh! Wendy