19 October 2007


One of the very popular events during balloon fiesta is called the 'balloon glow'. This event is held at night. Basically all the balloons on the field are lit up from within their envelopes so that they glow.

I was not able to attend this event and decided to hold it off until next year. However, I did go a second time to the fiesta and this time I made it there early enough to actually see the Dawn Patrol lift off.

The Dawn Patrol are several balloons that go up before daylight to check on air temps and wind speed. They too are lit from within their envelopes and let me tell ya...it is quite the experience to see these things lit up like Christmas lights. No wonder the night event is so popular. Enjoy.

Tune in next time to GMC-TV for the final installment of AIBF 2007. The Farewell Mass Ascension. It's amazing blogg-stuff.

I'm out.

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