07 October 2007


Ok... so 3:30am comes around....and I roll over and go back to sleep. I didn't make the mass ascension like I wanted too; however, I did get up around seven am and decide to drive out to the west end of the valley overlooking the city thinking I could get some cool shots from there. No luck, the wind was blowing from south to north and all the balloons had been pushed away from me and only showed up as specks. Dratz!

Not wanting to go home just yet I decided to hit the indian casino just 18 minutes away and grab some breakfast. While there I thought what the heck and put in six bucks into the slot machine....and low and behold after playing only $1.75 I win $50 bucks!!! WOOO HOO!!

The rest of the day is pretty normal. I work graveyard that evening so I call it a night around three pm.

Morning comes and as I get home around 6:30am I see this Volvo station wagon blocking the driveway. My dad and brother are about ready to leave for the swap meet and have called 5-0. Copper gets there and after doing a check decides to have it towed when this 'chick' comes running out of a house saying "that's my car that's my car!!"

Anyhow with all that done I decide to go to sleep. I'm in bed, pull up the down comforter [yeah its THAT cold here in the mornings already] and just as I'm about to fall into dreamland, I hear.... SWOOOOOOOOOSH......SWOOOOOOOOSH.

I open my eyes and think, "I KNOW THAT SOUND!!"

I pull back the curtain and THERE IT IS!!!! This hot air balloon as big as a house right outside my window at the tree top!!!!!! I CAN SEE THE PILOTS FACE!!!!!

I start shouting, " BALLOOOONS!!!! BALLOOOOOONS!!"

My brother comes into my room and asks, "Whats wrong!!?? I look at him and then look out the window, again I shout, "BALLOOOOOONS!!! BALLOOOOOOONS!!

Man I have NEVER dressed myself so fast. I grab my camera and run out side and there they are. BALLOONS EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!

And they are coming down!!!! See, the airport is on the other side of Gibson Blvd and they cannot pass into that airspace.

Pictures and words can only express so much. I wish I could convey the emotion one has when you see these massive airships all around you. You become a child again. Pure joy.

If you have ever seen the film RED BALLOON then you have an idea how the young French boy felt as he is lifted off the ground and into the sky by his new found friends. Ok ok I got misty....here take a look.

I'm out.


Anonymous said...

Great shots...So don't get misty

MICK said...

Uhem...uh...errr... it must have been an early morning fog or something..

Anonymous said...

Nothing's wrong w/misty man...It's ok to go back into our memory banks once in a while...This sounds like the experience of a lifetime...-Miguel

Anonymous said...

This is absolutly awesome! I used to live there and its something I miss this time of year!

MICK said...

Oddly enough, even though I spent some of my youth here, I've never actually been to the fiesta. When I was a kid, the lots around our house were all empty dirt lots and the balloons would land literally across the street. Now though they are filled with hotels and warehouses so they land where they can.