30 December 2006

...more snimages

Well we broke a few records indeed. Largest snow fall recorded in city history.

Can't recall when the city last looked so beautiful.

My newphew stationed in San Diego was due in last night but his plane kept getting delayed. I had to WALK to the airport about a mile away to meet up with him and WALK back home with him and his gear. Navigation on the road just wasn't happening.

This is a Mosk near by. I say its a rocket launcher and a damn purdy one too.

This car isn't going anywhere.

Neither is my truck.

What a mess, eh.

An Antarctic weather station?? No, a warehouse near by.

Picture speaks for itself....hahaha

At the airport.

Looking the fool in the snow. This is only December...our worst weather usually comes in January if you can believe that!

I'm out.

It's not like I had to work today.

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