01 December 2006


Here it is...the city in which I live. Founded 300 years ago this year by the Duke of Alburquerque [currently spelled Albuquerque...not sure why]. Some interesting facts about New Mexico USA:

Lew Wallace was governor of the New Mexico Territory in 1878. He also wrote Ben Hur.

The current governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson, may very well be your next president. He is currently chairman of the National Governor's Association which is a position Bill Clinton held before he became president. He's a former Secretary of Energy and Ambassador to the UN..he's also pals with Kim Jung Il...[wonely....i'm so wonely --not sure who will get that reference but if you do....YOU ROCK!!!]

In the southern part of the state is the new Spaceport America [www.spaceportamerica.com] home to Virgin Galactic and the X Prize. Soon...Millionaires will be flocking to the state go into space.

Microsoft was founded here in Albuquerque, when Bill Gates could not find funding he moved to Seattle. Recently a plaque was erected at Central and California St to honor that achievement.

I remember growing up here on and off. Man it was a small dusty city-wanna-be...It sure has grown up in the 19 years that I have been away. One of the cool things I like are the varied public art works. Both Santa Fe and Albuquerque are filled with not only galleries but public sculptures, some praised some....Not so much...Ha.


Ken Camp said...

The Kim Jong-Il reference is to the Stephanie Miller show where voice deity Jim frequently does his "K to the J to the Il in the hizzy" impersonation.

In all seriousness though, I don't believe Bill Richardson is a friend of Kim Jong-Il. Richardson has negotiated with him, but they're not friends.

MICK said...


My reference to Mr. Richardson being pals with Mr.
Jung-Il was facetious. Upon returning from talks with
North Korea, his spin in the local press is made to
sound as if he has accomplished something
extraordinary. On the contrary.

As for the 'wonely' reference....well I'm almost
embarrassed to admit it is from TEAM AMERICA where Kim
Jung-Il feeds Hans Blix to sharks and then sings about
how lonely [wonely] he is.

I some times forget that complete strangers read my
blog and might not catch my odd sense of humor. My
apologies if offended in any way.


MICK said...

PS... Billy gets my vote in 2008.