04 December 2006

...giving thanks

Thanksgiving will always be special for me. It was the week my mom passed away 16 years ago. I dream of her from time to time. She's always in good spirits [no pun intended] and she is always talking. Although I can hear her in my dreams...I never remember what she said when I wake up. Frustrating.

I'm VERY grateful to have my dad who at 78 and with health problems, continues to amaze his doctors at how well he IS doing despite all his ailments [dialysis - valve replacement - agent orange...you go pops]!

To my friends Rudy and Patt who both lost their fathers this year -- one before Thanksgiving Day, one after, you're both in my prayers.

I give thanks to being able to be home with my dad and with family for the first real Christmas in 19 years. Amen!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mick. My family and I appreciate the prayers. Thanksgiving will never be the same, as we will always remember it as the time of year when we lost our Dad, but it will also be the time of year when we came together as a family. His service was beautiful, and he's at peace, so we truly have reasons to be Thankful.

MICK said...

You go Patt!!!

Anonymous said...

My mother was told by her Dr that she had breast cancer on the day before Thanksgiving in 2004. We decided to start a strong attack on the disease..chemo and radiation..and she lost her hair Christmas Eve that year. This year on the day before Thanksgiving she got the last round of bloodwork and was declared cancer free. You can bet its going to be a helluva Christmas.
I said many prayers and they were answered. Thats my Thank You

MICK said...

Right ON, Dale!! Support has ALOT to do with it. I'm VERY happy for you and momz buddy!! I love hearing good news!! Best to you and your mom this Christmas!! I'm sure she has alot to thank in you!!