24 December 2006

A Change at Christmas

I know that everything changes
Its strange how time marches on
Well maybe there will be some time in the future
Tell me I'm not wrong

If I could stop time
It would be a frozen moment just around Christmas
When all of mankind reveals its truest potential
And there is sympathy for the suffering
And there is sympathy for those who are suffering
And the world embraces peace and love and mercy
Instead of power and fear
And as sure as I'm standing here
I swear it really does appear
That a change comes over us
Yes some change comes over us
And its glimpsed for one shining moment
And this change it feels like a change that is real
but then it passes
Along with the season
And then we just go back to the way we were
Say it isn't so

Tell me that I'm not just a dreamer
Tell me...cause I'm talking with a friend
And he knows how it ends
He says its easier
He says that's just the way we are
That its just human nature and its the way we are

Say it isn't so
Say it isn't so

-- Wayne Coyne

Merry Christmas everyone!!!


Anonymous said...

Here in Maine we are having the first "green" Christmas I can remember. The lawns are still green, a few hardy plants are still holding on and it is in the low 40's as I type this...go figure. Happy Holidays to you and all those you hold dear.

MICK said...

Hey there Dale!! Thanks man and I hope you and yours have a great Christmas and safe New Years as well. I can always ship some of this snow back to Maine if ya want...!!