15 December 2006

got food?

Should you come to Albuquerque and your stomach start to grumble, check out the Owl Cafe on Eubank south of Lomas and east of the free way.

One thing you will find all over here is good New Mexican food. In particular green chili.
You can't escape it. It's on EVERY menu. Even McDonalds puts it on their burgers and believe it or not they are half edible.You will find it in brittle and jam and muffins just to name a few..

I took my sister out to heat tonight and we stopped by this local landmark.


Man, talk about delicious. The flavor was bursting out of everything. The beans were cooked with bacon. The red chili actually tasted like chili not red 'sauce'.

My sister had the beef enchilads and finished the whole plate they were so good. I had the spicey chicken fajitas. Delicious

Afterwards we drove to Old Town to see if the luminarias/faolitos had been lit yet. I'm told they are not until Christmas Eve. None the less it was a nice stroll anyway. The Big Tree had been set up and lit. It was a cool night. The smells of the restaraunts permeated the plaza.

A storm moves in on Wednesday though. Could bring snow.

I'm out.[War Baby Jesus!!]

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