28 May 2010

WALKABOUT 3 - DAY 3 - MILE 874: Laws of Gravity Do Not Apply

There are mysterious places in our world where the laws of physics and nature do not seem to apply.

The Oregon Vortex, Mystery Hole, WV, Mystery Hill, OH and a place that T-Rob and I happened by while we were in South Dakota...

...cue Twilight Zone theme.

We noticed these signs for the Cosmos Mystery Area while we were driving to Mount Rushmore. I wasn't sure what it was but on a whim turned off to find out.

Mystery spots share a basic presentation. You are shown into a room or cabin where strange phenomenon occur. Your tour guide usually has some humorous spiel and when asked why all these events are occurring,usually says 'who knows'.

Uh huh.

The first demonstration involved height differences.

I didn't see much of a change.

Proof the area is flat. I guess.

Your tour guide points out the weird gravitational effects on the trees in the area.

We approach the mystery shack were our perception of 'what is normal' will be thrown off whack.

Tennis balls appear to roll up hill, water flows up hill as well.

T-Rob is beginning to look a little wobbly.

Although the cabin IS at a slight angle...you actually feel you are being pulled in one direction.

I'm sure there is a logical explanation....but it's still cool to see and experience.

A fun diversion if you should find yourself in Keystone, South Dakota near Mount Rushmore; however, we found no buffalo.



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