16 May 2010

WALKABOUT 3 - DAY 2 - MILE 835: My Lands Are Where My Dead Lie Buried

Our first stop would be Denver, Co.

We got in rather late so we pretty much just had dinner and hit the sack...air travel can wear ya out.

The next morning we loaded up supplies....

We headed north to South Dakota in search of buffalo. We would have no luck on our first day out; however, we saw lots of deer and marmuts, oh yeah and we stopped by the largest statue in the world: Crazy Horse Mountain Memorial.

This HUGE statue is about 45 minutes outside of Rapid City, SD.

It was started in 1948 by sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski and Lakota Chief Henry Standing Bear. It has been privately funded from day one.

The memorials mission is to honor culture and tradition of North American native peoples.

There is no scheduled completion date...it depends on donations and admission fees on how much work can be done by the eight men crew.

Ziolkowski and his wife had ten children, seven of which continue to work on the sculpture.

Ziolkowski passed away at age 74 in 1982. His family continues his work and legacy.

I'm out.

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