12 May 2010

Prelude To An Adventure...ie FILLER

So I'm getting pretty psyched for the upcoming Walkabout III happening this weekend.

I can't reveal just yet where I am headed; however, T-Rob will be riding shotgun again this year. We meet up Saturday in a pre-determined city and start our trek from there...destination: North... waaaay north.

No not thaaaat way North, but North. More North than Santa Fe.

Although it is North it is considered South too.. so to speak. Am I confusing you??? Thought so....anyhow...here... until then enjoy some of my favorite riveting videos from YouTube.

In the first one, keep an eye on the trees as they give you an idea of what is about to happen.

What a trip, eh?

In this second one [I think I've posted it once before] I love that the only sounds you hear are the sounds of the bridge....beeping and what not and then BOOM.

You could not have written a better tension filled scene in a movie.

This is a good one too...you can see the tension building and even when it happens I jumped!

I'm out.

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