25 May 2010

WALKABOUT 3 - DAY 3 - MILE 868: Absolute Darkness

Mount Rushmore is not the only interesting thing to see in this part of South Dakota. As we drove back from the monument we saw signs for other points of interest including Jewel Cave, Crystal Cave and Wind Cave. The closest one to Mount Rushmore was, naturally, Rushmore Cave, about 10 miles away.

Although no Carlsbad Caverns, Rushmore Cave is pretty cool.

Carlsbad Caverns has well paved trails and is quite 'roomy', Rushmore Cave is very compact, in fact some of the passage ways are quite narrow and the ceiling hangs low, eg: headache rock.

At one point we got to experience something most people never do: absolute darkness, experienced only at the bottom of the ocean or in a cave -- our tour guide turned off all the lights!

Now, I use this term loosely since the constant temperature in the cave is 58 degrees and any object that is above absolute zero temperature emits infrared light.

For the purpose of this post...absolute darkness.

Your mind tries to fool you... when you pass your hand in front of your face in complete darkness you think you can see the shadow.

All in all a very cool side trip; however, 150 feet below the earth...we found no buffalo.

I'm out.


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