01 June 2009


Hey kids, no immediate plans to travel but I'm working on it.

In the mean time I thought I would share with you some tunes T-Rob and I were listening to while on the road.

At times we were in the middle of nowhere, like the road from Grand Canyon to Monument Valley -- four hours of dirt. Sometimes the wind was so bad the sand obscured the road.

At times like these you are grateful for XM radio. Unfortunately our adventure vehicle Magellan 2 did not come with XM this time.

And T-Rob forgot his mp3 player. DOH!!!

He was forced to listen to my CD and mp3 collection...the poor bloke.

Anyhow... here are some cool CDs you might want to check out this summer:

Delta Spirit is hard to figure out as one song does not sound like another, yet it sounds like the same band through out.

Think 'indie pop'.

MGMT. Wow.. this band is awesome, think 'early' David Bowie. They do not sound like ANYTHING out there right now.

I just love the Fleet Foxes man! Very 'trippy' at times. Think CSNY. Very heavy 60s influence.

Also I wanted to mention this coooooool internet music sight called Pandora [www.pandora.com]

Pandora is basically a radio station YOU program.

That's right YOU are the program director. Basically you type in a song or band you like and Pandora instantly streams music by that band and other bands like it. You can type in several bands and bands like them are added to the mix. It's awesome AND its free!!!

I was amazed at how well it selected new music it thought I would like and it got it RIGHT.

Listen to my station at:



Yeah its an odd mix I have there but then....

...I am odd.

I'm out.


Anonymous said...

Mick!!!One of these days I'll get the mix CD you promised me, right?Check out "The Ting Tings", same applies to Green Day's New one "21st. Century Breakdown"...but seriously when will I get a mix CD from you? Thanks for the suggestions...
-Miguel / Mike

MICK said...

Hey there buddy -- I was listening to the Ting Tings as of last year when I was out in the Shakey State last August. Good summer band.

So I owe you a mix CD eh... Okay, I'll get to work on it.

Oh yeah, the new EELS CD comes out today, WOO HOO!!!