07 June 2009


Not everything from my recent road trip made it into the main post, for example...

Our first stop in Arizona was at Stewarts Rocks and Petrified wood.

It was a ram-shackle of a building in the middle of nowhere along Interstate 40 and it contained...well... rocks and petrified wood.

What I did not mention in the original post is that it is also an ostrich farm. Yes...in the middle of the desert.

As I approached the fence where the birds are kept, they ran about and then up to the fence. When they saw that I did not have food they went about their business.

Well except for two of them.

One just sort of stood there looking at me while the other one... uhm...well the other one...here look for yourself:

The other one was bustin' a move. At the time it did not occur to me what was going on...duh!!

No sooner had I turned off the camera then this bloke jumped up and err 'mounted' the other ostrich.

That was un-comfortable.

I will never watch Discovery Channel in the same way again.

The last thing I want on my camera is bird porn.

I'm out.

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Anonymous said...

Mick, you could've bought the ostrich for some nice boots or shoes...