03 June 2009


While I'm on the topic of music I might mention that Tuesday one of my favorite musicians released a new CD.

Mark Oliver Everett aka E of the band EELS has put out another fantastic recording.

Most likely you will not be hearing his stuff on your local pop station. Don't get me started on pop music and American radio...just boils my blood.

Grrr.. they play this guy on FRENCH RADIO!!! F R E N C H RADIO for crying out loud.

If he sounds familiar it's probably because he had around 9 songs on the soundtrack to the last Jim Carey film, YES MAN.

I saw them perform last year in Los Angeles -- what a great show.

Here, give a listen... this is THAT LOOK YOU GIVE THAT GUY from the new CD. Enjoy

This is another cut called FRESH BLOOD.

I'm out.


Travis said...

when are you gonna grow a mega beard like Mr. E?

Anonymous said...

Hey Mick
Slaid Cleaves is going to be out your way on the 11th of June. He is going to be at the Alberquerque Biological Park. If you have the time you might like his music.