11 June 2009


Journey Gnome paid me a visit this week. Quite an adventure he had in his pocket too!

From Albuquerque I headed north on I-25 then turned west on 550. I was headed to NM 4 towards an ancient 12 mile wide collapsed caldera [volcano opening], an area called Valles Caldera.

Valles Caldera is PERFECT if you like hiking. Plenty of trails all over.

Elk, bears and mountain lions, oh my. The gal at the visitors center said 'as long as you don't try and pet them you've got nothing to worry about'.


I did not have and adventure vehicle this time, just a shuttle I christened DISCOVERY!

Within its caldera, Valle Grande is the largest 'valle' [grass valley] and the only one with a paved road.

Cerro la Jara is a 250 ft high forested rhyolite lava dome within the caldera.

This area is absolutely grand. I'm sure T-Rob is upset that I did not know about this place before our road trip. Sorry T-Rob.

This was only the beginning of the trip. Wait until you see where I ended up....here is a peek:

I'm out.


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Travis said...

Awesome scenery, mountains, streams, wildlife, historical ruins...I cant wait to explore it myself....Walkabout 2010