28 April 2009


The road well traveled

Our adventure vehicle, Magellen 2, has taken us to some great places thus far...'but you ain't seen nothin' yet'.

New Mexico to Arizona to Utah and now into Colorado.

After checking in to our hotel in Cortez, Colorado we drove about nine miles out of town to Mesa Verde National Park.

The Mesa Verde ruins are a World Heritadge Sight and are the best preserved cliff dwellings in the United States.

From A.D. 600 TO A.D. 1300 Ancestral Pueblo people made these cliff dwellings their home.

Last year T-Rob and I visited the Manitou Springs ruins near Colorado Springs but they just cannot compare to what we witnessed here.

Although we were able to explore Spruce Tree House up close the summer season at the park did not actually open until two days AFTER our visit which prevented us from being able to see other houses like Cliff Palace or Balcony House or Long House among others.

During the summer hours which begin on 5 April, you can physically climb to these other houses to explore them.

None the less, what we did see was AMAZING. Here, take a look:

Below, the park ranger is shouting at me "not to lean on the walls" as they are made of mud and very fragile. Gee...

As amazing as these cliff dwellings were... the best was yet to come as we head south into New Mexico.

Our next stop would be a City on the Edge of Time!!!

You don't want to miss it!!

I'm out.

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