02 April 2009


Our second day was a blast. Myself,
T-Rob and Journey Gnome piled into our adventure vehicle, Magellan 2, and headed west. First stop: Acoma: City In The Sky!!

I've written about Acoma before, it is a MUST for visitors who like the outdoors and want to do some hiking. The pueblo sits atop a bluff almost 400 feet in the air. It is the oldest continuously inhabited community in the US.

This time; however, there was a twist: a sudden storm moved into New Mexico and we were headed right into it [cue dramatic music]!!

As we approached the descent into the snow covered valle
y where Acoma is located the roads began to turn white as the snow started to stick. I was a little nervous at first but the Magellan 2 handled it well.

The price of admission has now changed to $20 and that includes a one camera fee. FYI, video camcorders are not allowed at Acoma.

Apparently it is sacriligious to take pictures of the Acoma people or sacred places UNLESS you pay a camera fee. Go figure.

Did I mention it was C O L D??? The shuttle delivered us to the top where it was 26 degrees, windy and snowing. The wind chill made it at least 18.

The cool thing [pun intended] was, our group was small: six people.

We were given the tour and at the end of it the six of us elected to walk back to the visitors center.... did I mention it was C O L D??!!

People still live here today; however, there is no electricity or running water. Most live here during the nice seasons. There was a guy sweeping his porch and dogs were running loose. Very cool.

Yes we froze our arses off... but the experience... amazing. So few times in our lives do we get to experience something like this.

I'm out.





If you thought this was cold, wait until you see where we headed next!

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Yuxiong said...

Aku'mé! Acoma! People of Ak'u. My other family is from K'awaika or Laguna just up the road. I finally made it to Ak'u two years ago for their feast. I had never been up there. I took my dad on top and like you, we had to take a bus. My dad's aunt married into Acoma and he had been there before. Very nice up there - I wish the people in Acoma and Hopi still kept their houses like that - love their museum. I'd like to build a home like that here in Ft. Defiance, which of course, would look out of place but there you go.

My grandfather's village is Paraje, which is across the valley from the Dancing Eagle Casino. Maybe you went this way which is more easy to drive to then through Acomita.

Have you ever been to their dances or feast days? Paraje just had their feast day in October and it was too windy and dusty. My dad and I always go to Laguna's main village's feast day in September. I think It's better than Navajo Fair.

Agooné as we say in Navajo or druweshots as they say in Laguna.