06 April 2009


After hiking down from Acoma, we headed further west for another hike to what is known today as Inscription Rock at El Morro.

El Morro National Monument is located on an ancient east-west trail in western New Mexico. The main feature of this monument is a great sandstone bluff with a pool of water at its base, a shaded oasis that has seen many travelers.

The Spaniard explorers called it El Morro [The Headland]. The Zuni Indians call it Atsina [Place of writings on rock] and the Europeans called it Inscription Rock due to the many petroglyphs and inscriptions -- including names, dates and stories, that have been carved on it over the centuries -- some dating back to the 17th century.

Petroglyphs date back to the Anasazi, centuries before Europeans starting making their mark.

T-Rob and I were simply here to hike it. And a good hike it is. The two mile trail starts off rather flat as you walk around the bluff and view the incriptions, including one of the oldest by Don Juan de Ornate, first territorial governor of New Mexico and the last of the Conquistadors.

This is the pool that many travelers, including us, have stopped at over the centuries.

Below is the inscription left by Don Juan de Ornate, 'paso por aqui' or 'passed through here'. In 1906 U.S. federal law prohibited further carvings.

What the...?!? T-ROB!!!!! Man...you can't take him anywhere!!!!

We continued on the trail headed to.....

The bluff is about 200 feet or so up.

Although the weather was still chilly, in the upper 20s, the wind had periods of calm and the snow had stopped so it wasn't as bad as it was at Acoma.

The trail winds up to the top, sometimes marked, sometimes you have to look for cairns. The hike is not for everyone - remember you are at least at an elevation of 7000 feet. I had to stop for a breather now and then but man....it is well worth it. The view from the top is breathtaking.

This was definately one of the highlights of the trip.

I'm out.



The reason for this adventure in the first place was based on T-Rob and I getting together to see a concert, as we did last year when we saw My Morning Jacket at Red Rocks in Denver.

This year, after returning to Albuquerque from El Morro we headed to Santa Fe to see new folk/pop singer Brett Dennen at the Santa Fe Brewing Company.

The show was awesome. The Santa Fe Brew Co. is my favorite venue.

Since it was cold outside the show was on the inside stage which is small and intimate ...and PACKED!.

None the less, it was a great show!! The opening act was Angus and Julia Stone from Aussieland.

They were fantastic too. Unfortunately, I am not the brightest lightbulb and I deleted a clip of Brett, Angus and Julia performing together singing Fleetwood Macs song 'DREAMS'. ARRRRRGH!!!!

I found the video of Angus & Julia Stone with Brett Dennen singing Fleetwood Macs song DREAMS. Enjoy



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