23 April 2009


Tonight we had dinner in the on-site restaurant, it was quite good - I had the grilled salmon - DELICIOUS!

As I mentioned in my last post, after dark there is nothing to do except soak in the night sky. The hotel is isolated so it is VERY quiet, like being in a vacuum kind of quiet.

Although it was quite cold outside I was transfixed on the night sky and was out on the balcony for quite awhile. Eventually the days events took their toll and I went to bed....

Only to awaken around 2am and walk out onto the balcony.

Holy cow. The stars...oh the stars!!!! I have never seen soooooo many stars!!!

Even though there are very little lights on at that hour there was a glow on the horizon. I have no idea where it comes from but you can see the silhouettes of the rock formations known as The Mittens.

I don't have the kind of camera that can take that kind of photography so you will have to trust me.. it was amazing!!

The sun began to rise around five am. We HAD to be up for that!!

After breakfast we headed out to the trail behind the hotel.

There is a five dollar admission to the park but it is WELL worth it. Keep in mind though that the trail is NOT paved and the road is very rough. We saw passenger cars on it but I'm sure it took a toll on their shocks. A high profile vehicle is recommended.

Tours are also offered by the locals and you can join one as you enter the park. We really wanted to venture out on our own.

Our hotel.

Monument Valley was truly an amazing place. In retrospect, once I got back from the trip I researched the area more only to find out that we only scraped the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more not seen by the average tourist, like The Goosenecks or Muley Point.

I suspect... I shall return. Monument Valley and the area call to me.

I'm out.


G said...

Mick, I read your comment on Brettcajan blog. I think you have a money making idea with the flu T shirts. Your blog is beautiful. My first time here. I am from Az. and have been everywhere in that state. I was raised in Yuma but GREW UP in Hollywood. I will visit your site often, lots of catching up to do. Nice to meet you, sort of, Mike, studio city, ca.

Unknown said...

Hey Mike

Thanks for visiting my blog man! I'm originally from Arizona myself: Winslow!

Lived in Los Angeles from '87 to 2005 before moving to NM to take care of my pop. I get back often to visit friends, in fact I'll be there in August for a long weekend.

Thanks again for visiting and commenting. I'll make sure you get the first shirt!!

Unknown said...
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G said...

I have been here since early 73. I did live in San Francisco summer of 75. I had been going there since I was a kid. Relatives live in the bay area. Nice place to visit but not to live. I am most happy here in L.A.. But one day need to decide where to retire. Well I'm thinking out loud. Later. Mike, studio city. ca