16 September 2008


After visiting Silver Plume and taking the train ride, Travis and I headed down to the revitalized town of Georgetown, also an old railroad and silver mining town. A lady at the Silver Plume gift shop suggested we eat lunch at the Happy Cooker. We had some meatloaf sandwhiches and man they were good.

We took a walk through town and came across the Hotel de Paris.

When the original owner died a family took the hotel over and ran it until about 1952 when it was closed and for insurance purposes it was left the way it was the day it closed so an audit/inventory could be taken. It never re-opened and a historical society took it over and has painstakingly preserved it.
Oh yeah...it is supposed to be 'haunted' our host said.....as she disappeared into a wall.

It is a beautiful building and very inviting!!! Although, I don't think I would want to sleep on those mattresses.

I'm out.

NEXT UP: The Ancient Ones. Here's a peek:

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