18 September 2008


The Anasazi are considered the 'ancient ones'.

Ancient Pueblo People were a prehistoric Native American culture centered in the Four corners area of the Southwest. They are noted for their distinctive pottery and dwelling construction syles.

Although it is not known for sure when the culture emerged the current consensus is around 1200 BC. Modern Pueblo indians claim these ancient people as their ancestors.

These images are from the Manitou Cliff dwellings at the base of Pikes Peak in the Manitou/Colorado Springs area. If you are in Denver it is worth the hour drive down south. Interestingly enough though...they somehow look TOO well maintained and reminded me of a movie set more then ancient archeological ruins.

As we were about to leave, indian dances began so I got some cool footage of that. Please note that you should never take pictures/video of native cultures UNLESS you have their permission. The dances recorded here are not religious or ceremonial, just for exhibition and we were granted that honor.

This is in the gift shop/museum. It is carved into the rock. The following photo is of the actuall dwellings.

This was a facinating place and really inspires me to make it to the 'mecca' of cliff dwellings in Mesa Verde. Next season, definately!!! [...you up for that Travis?? lol]
I'm out.

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you betcha!...just say when, Im there!