23 September 2008


It's now been a month since my trip to Denver and here I am STILL writing about it.Thanks for staying with me.

After the Manitou Cliff dwellings we headed to Garden of the Gods, also in Colorado Springs and about 10 minutes away from Manitou. This place is awesome.

The skies darkened to one end of the horizon. I mean REALLY darkened. Lightning and thunder dark!!! It didn't seem to phase Travis.

Coming from New Mexico where per capita more people are killed by lightning strikes then anywhere in the US. I was a bit concerned. LOL.

Then it started to rain on and off.

People still continued to walk around the park though.

Rock climbers still clung to the rock face.

We would find out that night that two tornados had hit the area. They were the first recorded ones in the county. No wonder the skies looked so threatening.

This was our last day in Denver. This was also the best vacation I have ever had. Everyday was filled with new and cool things. Most of all it was great to have a travel partner. I've always said, adventures are best shared. Thanks for coming along for the ride, Travis!! Where to next?????

I'm out.

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