09 September 2008


Most of the people I know go to Denver for Bronco games, rodeos or to the theme park they have. I went to see a concert at Red Rocks and found sooo much more. Should you plan on going to Denver, give yourself some time to explore it. In fact, Travis and I didn't really explore Denver so much as the areas around Denver so I definately think a Vacation 2 is in order.

Just west of Denver there are gold and silver mines and the remnants of the towns the booms left behind. Travis and I decided to head on down to Georgetown and Silver Plume. We caught the train in Silver Plume that would take us into the mountains. It was a great day, warm but overcast. We rode the open air passenger trains. It was too nice a day to be inside

Having arrived at the depot early, we decided to walk over to the town of Silver Plume.

Silver Plume is a mining/railroad town that over the years has been restored or is in the process of being restored. If you have ever been to Jerome, CA or Madrid, NM you get the idea. Lots of artists and crafts people, retired hippies, etc. A very cool vibe none the less.

We had not had breakfast and the only restaurant in town was closed. We did however find this cool restored bakery. Delicious cinnamon rolls.


The local hoosk-gow back in the day.

Why do I feel like I am walking through a Stephan King novel????

Aaaaaah... probably because this is the haunted schoolhouse!!!!!!
[cue Twilight Zone music...]

Our departure time approached so we headed back to the depot.

Needless to say, the scenery is ASWESOME.

Our tour included a stop at the Silver Plume silver mine. This is very similar to the one in Jerome, CA.

After the tour we headed back to catch our train

This was a fun day....but it wasn't over. We were hungry and the lady at the gift shop told us we had to eat at the Happy Cooker in Georgetown ...but there was a catch...it was down the street from....the haunted Hotel du Paris!!!!!
...cue Twilight Zone music again....
I'm out.

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