06 February 2008


That night as I slept, a storm moved in. I slept like a log with visions of sugar plums... never mind...different story.....

...so when six o'clock rolled around I woke up on my own and took a peek outside from the balcony.

It was one of those perfect moments where you just want to crawl back in bed...so I did hehehe. About an hour later I could see it was lighter so I took another peek outside.

I had had the heat set on 72 all night so it was nice and cozy inside. I decided to get dressed and take a walk downstairs.

The fire place had already been set.

This was such a cool feeling. A different time and place. People were up with coffee in hand, just sitting in the lounge talking....looking outside the window at the train as it passed in the falling snow. I was very content.

After breakfast I checked out. I had to take my grandfather to his appointment in Holbrook, about 30 minutes away.

While in Holbrook, we came across a sight I had seen in Route 66 books but had never been to in person: The Wig Wam Hotel.

More later.

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Anonymous said...

The pictures you posted of the trees covered in snow and ice, I wake up to that for most of the winter. Once you get used to the driving, it is a beautiful way to see nature. I really enjoy the seasonal changes here. Now if I could only afford to buy heating oil...lol