01 February 2008


Having held off for awhile from purchasing an mp3 player, I finally gave in.

I'm hooked!!!!

I purchased an inexpensive one just to see what the hubabalooh is. It has 512mb which if I recall is what my first computer had...lol. Man, I spent a couple of hours transferring songs from my cd collection into this thing and by two am I had only filled half of it!!!

And the first two songs on my new mp3 player? IMPOSSIBLE GERMANY and ON AND ON AND ON by Wilco. Check 'em out.

For an inexpensive one it sure sounds GREAT!!!. I love it. I can't stand the radio stations here, especially the news radio station, 77 KOB which is VERY right/conservative. Very little news and mostly annoying blow hards like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and that idiot Michael Savage!!! Not to mention the music stations which are still playing stuff from 40 years ago like its new!!! Lord, how many times can you listen to TOM SAWYER by Rush???

The mp3 player will come in very handy though as I am heading to Arizona to help my grandfather with some court stuff in regards to my grandmothers estate.

I am a bit anxious about the trip however. In the past few days I-40 west of Albuquerque to the AZ state line been closed on and off due to blizzard like conditions and black ice. As I mentioned previously this has been a bitterly cold winter [granted, my buddy Dale has relayed to me that it gets to minus 39 degrees up in Maine, I'm not complaining mind ya...just sayin'..lol].

It was but Sunday when I turned on to Gibson Blvd and found my self sliding all over the place on sheets of ice. NO FUN!!

It's waaaay past my bedtime so I'm gonna call it a night. Take care.

I'm out.

for Jeff:


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the 21st. Century indeed, it will be difficult to put down, and when you catch yourself saying "I can't live without my MP3" that's when you realize how long you lived w/out one...I realized that when I forgot mine and I was already at the gym...Mickster welcome buddy...-Mike

MICK said...

I've found the 'ear-buds' give me earaches so I purchased some speakers and it still sounds great.

Anonymous said...

Ear-buds didn't work for me either(narrow ear canals) I bought headphones and the sound is still CLEAR...