29 February 2008


I wonder if the people of Abo thought about the future as much as I do the past. When I visit historic places like this I feel a need to walk among them, to touch the walls, to look out windows and try and imagine the world previous inhabitants saw.

The area around Abo has not changed much. The entire state of New Mexico only has a population of about 2 million people. Small compared to some major metropolitan cities. Metro areas like Albuquerque have changed considerably but many of the rural areas remain as they were 400 years ago...give or take a few satillite dishes.

The Mission of Abo is located in a pass that opens into the Rio Grande Valley which made it a major trading center.

Fray Francisco de Acevedo is credited with enlarging the church built by Fray Francisco Fonte around the 1620s.

I'm out.


Anonymous said...

Cool history lessons, all from the comfort of my chair and getting paid all during working hours...Thanks for the insightful lesson...-Mike

MICK said...

You should have been there.