27 February 2008


From KOB TV 4:
Ssentence has some upset.

The prison sentence for a decorated U.S. Marine convicted of chasing down and killing a burglar has become the subject of controversy in New Mexico, and some say the governor should step in and free Elton John Richard.

Last week a judge sentenced Richard to two years in prison for the shooting.
The judge said that since the burglar was off of Richard’s property, and no longer a threat, the shooting wasn’t justified. But an outcry against the sentence continues to grow.

“The other guy was robbing him and he was protecting his property, and he has a right to protect his property," said a woman who was asked about the case.
But not everyone agrees.

"He shouldn't have chased the guy down and shoot him, that showed some motivation to kill someone," said a woman.who agreed with the sentence.
Even talk radio is buzzing.

"I cant remember when we've had a topic that caught so much attention that so many people have called in on and we've had so much passion on," said talk show host Jim Villanucci.

Some are calling for the governor to grant Richard clemency.

The governor’s office says they have received 175 phone calls and emails about the case. Officials say 166 of the calls and emails are for clemency.

Here's a link to the Elton John Richard story including video [I love the part were a citizen says, "I don't think he should have shot him...maybe mamed him a few times....broken a few legs....an arm maybe"....classic New Mexican response"]. Some of the responses are very heated.

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